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Data is our most valuable resource today. How we use, move and protect it determines our place in the world.

Cyber security products and services for financial organisations and their data.

The products

Authenticate users and secure B2B payments with Safetronic MFA and eKYC.

Our team are security specialists and provide expert advisory and systems implementation support to banks and financial services providers in the UK and around the world.

  • Safetronic Suite

    User identity, user transaction authentication and B2B payments enabling trust across all digital channels.

  • Entrust nShield HSMs

    Hardened, tamper-resistant environment for secure cryptographic processing, key generation, key protection, and encryption.

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£24b transactions every day in the UK

Our mission is to protect these transactions.

Our authentication products ensure the integrity and origin of each and every digital transaction.

See transactions in London in 20 seconds.

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We secure payments and authenticate user identities in the UK working with the largest UK banks, and global financial institutions.

Our products and services are trusted by 10 major UK banks to authenticate B2B payments and user identities. Our deep technical expertise and experience in authentication technologies and cryptographic systems including HSMs enable organisations to get the most out of our products and the specialised cryptographic functions of HSMs.

Our services

Payment system frauds in the UK cost £1.26bn in 2020.

Attacks on remote banking account for 16% of these losses. Alarmingly, this is an increase of 38% by value from the previous year.

See transactions in London in 20 seconds.

“Our products and services underpin the UK batch payment system and are used globally in core MFA authentication for electronic banking. Big banks bank on us.”

Richard Parris, CEO
  • Richard


  • Alastair


    Head of Advanced Solutions Group
  • Catherine


    Business Development and Sales Manager
  • Dariusz


    Global Customer Support and Product Development Lead

Our UK team helps you implement hardware and software products to identify users and authenticate user data and transactions with our currently installed systems protecting transfers of billions of pounds every week in the UK - from Brighton to Shetland. We’ve got your BACS.

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Don’t take our word for it.

  • Our customers think Salt’s mobile MFA is fantastic, compared to our older hard tokens.

    Much easier for them to use and for us too in dealing with lost and expired hard tokens. In fact, the take up of Salt’s mobile MFA has surpassed our wildest expectations.

    [Redacted, medium-size org]

  • Very easy to work with the Salt team.

    We're always impressed by the depth of experience and knowledge in HSMs and crypto systems, their help with our cloud migration was invaluable.

    [Redacted, medium-size org]

Why Salt?

Payments innovation and Open Banking demand highest grade security.

The UK Open Banking and PSD2 have opened up access to customer account data and for payments to be initiated on the customer’s behalf by third party providers. Both of these need customer consent through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

See transactions in London in 20 seconds.


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Security in the UK today

  • HSMs in a Public Cloud Environment

    HSMs in a Public Cloud Environment

    Hardware Security Modules generally reside within a deep security zone.
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  • The 2021 Ponemon Encryption Trends Study is here

    The 2021 Ponemon Encryption Trends Study is here

    Traditional perimeter security and system security controls alone cannot control data access and prevent data breaches.
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