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Data is our most valuable resource today. How we use, move and protect it determines our place in the world.

Salt Cybersecurity products and services protect critical business systems and data  –  in transit, in use and at rest.
What we do

There are £24b transactions every day in the UK. Our mission is to protect these transactions.

Our authentication products ensure the integrity and origin of each and every digital transaction.

We secure payments and authenticate user identities

Our products and services are trusted by 10 major UK banks to authenticate B2B payments and user identities. Our deep technical expertise and experience in authentication technologies and cryptographic systems including HSMs enable organisations to get the most out of our products and the specialised cryptographic functions of HSMs.

Our products

Our products help major financial institutions authenticate users and high value transactions in the UK and globally.

Safetronic Suite​

Safetronic Suite

Authentication Platform

Safetronic provides a single trust anchor for organisations to authenticate user identities, transactions and secure high-value B2B payments across a variety of application contexts and channels.

Contemporary Authentication Methods
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Tamper Protected Configurable Audit and Event Log
eIDAS Support
Security Tokens – Mobile MFA, Biometric, EMV CAP, PKI, OATH
Hardware Security Module (HSM) Support
Digital Signing of High-Value B2B Payments supporting UK BACS, Faster Payments, etc.
UK Open Banking Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) / PSD2/SCA
Positronic eKYC

Positronic eKYC

Online User Verification

Verify user identities online with photo ID documents and biometric liveness binding to match face-to-photo.

Safetronic’s Positronic eKYC uses mobile tokens to capture evidence-of-identity (EOI) from photo ID documents such as driver’s licenses, national ID cards and passports with liveness binding through biometric face-to-photo matching. The customer controls their identity data by authorising release and confirmation of their identity information. Identity documents can be validated against government records through a Document Validation Service (DVS).

Streamline the eKYC process for new and returning customers
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Machine Learning (AI) technology
Biometric face-to-photo matching for liveness matching
Mobile centric eKYC with the customer in full control of their identity information
Document Validation Service (DVS) against government records
Support for adjudication step where DVS is not available
Use of contemporary cryptographic standards based on NIST guidelines
Provides Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP) to protect against malware
Salt mSign Mobile MFA​

Salt mSign Mobile MFA

User Authentication

Salt mSign enables high assurance in the authentication of users’ identities and transactions.

Safetronic can be coupled with mSign Mobile MFA for contemporary user and transaction authentication that is independent and decoupled from the service channel such as internet banking, IVR, mobile banking and customer support services.

Salt mSign is a contemporary mobile security MFA token for verification of the user identity during login and authentication of transactions after login. Salt mSign is a ‘connected token’ meaning the authentication responses are returned directly to the Safetronic authentication platform thereby enabling authentication that is decoupled and independent of the delivery channel that initiated the request.

Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication
Enables Password-less Authentication for Login to online services via any channel
Provides “Inter-App Single Authenticator” capability for third party mobile apps
High Value Transaction Signing with WYSIWYS (What You See Is What You Sign)
Supports quorum Approvals with multiple authorisers and advanced workflows
Uses contemporary cryptographic standards based on NIST guidelines
Provides Runtime App Self-Protection (RASP) to guard against malware
Supports Push Authentication, QR Authentication, Offline Authentication
Authentication requests can be rich content such as pdf, HTML, or free format text
Can be deployed as an Embedded Token via an SDK
nShield HSMs​

nShield HSMs

Hardware Security Modules

The world’s leading Hardware Security Modules for digital keys, encryption and decryption.

Entrust nShield HSMs provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for secure cryptographic processing, key generation, key protection, and encryption. nShield HSMs support a variety of deployment scenarios and are available in three FIPS 140-2 L3 certified form factors.
Salt is a reseller of Entrust nShield HSMs and provides comprehensive SME professional services around HSMs including outsourcing HSM commissioning and ongoing management to Salt.

nShield Connect XC & Connect
nShield Edge
nShield Solo XC & Solo+
nSaaS HSM as a Service Cloud based HSM
Our Services

Secure payments and authentication

We are an end to end partner for payments security and authentication for financial services organisations.

support service

At Salt we understand that a customer’s purchase of our products is just the start of their journey with Salt.

After purchase, more often than not, we engage with our customers to help in the design of the integration of our products into the customer’s infrastructure, undertake associated development activities and work with the customer on integration testing and migration to production operations.

cryptographic services
Cryptographic services

Authentication and encryption mechanisms to applications and users.

Salt Cybersecurity’s Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) is a UK-based specialist team of subject matter experts for rapid deployment and integration of complex systems which incorporate the use of HSMs, cryptography, PKI, identity and smartcard management, mobile payment systems and data protection together with the Safetronic Suite.

compley system integration
Complex Systems Integration

Consulting, product and subject matter expertise to deliver complex systems.

The ASG team is experienced in working with the technology environments and business processes of large financial corporations and government to provide consulting, product and subject matter expertise to deliver complex systems and provide ongoing support in the application of encryption, large scale identity management systems, PKI, CAs, and Entrust nShield HSMs.

payment systems
Payment Systems

ASG is experienced in the integration of HSMs to support payment solutions and mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

ASG provides professional services and subject matter expertise in the payment card industry, the application of cryptography and HSMs, data security and tokenization to comply PCI-DSS, ISO-9564 Card PIN validation, interchange protocols AS-2805 (ISO-8583 equivalent), MasterCard OpenAPI payment network and Visa Data Secure Platform.

We provide 24×7 support services with Service Level Agreements in place for mission critical systems in major financial institutions and support is provided via a manned help desk for severity one issues.

What Our Clients Say

Very easy to work with the Salt team. We're always impressed by the depth of experience and knowledge in HSMs and crypto systems, their help with our cloud migration was invaluable.
Redacted, medium-size org
Our customers think Salt’s mobile MFA is fantastic, compared to our older hard tokens. Much easier for them to use and for us too in dealing with lost and expired hard tokens. In fact, the take up of Salt’s mobile MFA has surpassed our wildest expectations.
Redacted, medium-size org


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